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Running to Reach My Driver's License Weight

Drivers_license_take_a_number Renewing my driver’s license today meant I had to provide my weight for the new card.  I had a nanosecond to decide whether to: 1) declare the same weight as last time 2) state my desired goal weight or,  3) tell the truth.

Since my original post on managing my weight, I’ve dropped 11 pounds, nearly half way to my weight goal for  running the Chicago Marathon.   Counting calories has never worked for me, so I just use moderation with my food portions and follow a few guidelines.   No eating after dinner, consume less refined sugar, and eat plenty of fruit to maintain my energy level for running. 

My progress adds up to some substantial losses (aka gains) for running.  By comparison, running with my former weight in (mid-June) was like carrying 7 additional pairs of running shoes or lugging about 37 copies of Runners’ World magazine.  Okay, enough math and metaphors.

The greatest benefits to managing my weight are about motion.  All the parts move easier—joints and muscles—when I run and I’m more confident throughout my day.  All in all, my declining weight feels healthier, more running fit, and worth the effort.

Divers_suit I have 12 more pounds to lose in about eight weeks, and I’ll be ready and lighter for the start for those 26 adventurous miles.  I’m thinking it will feel like I stepped out of a lead suit. 

So what weight did I report to those nice people at the Driver’s License Station?  My desired goal weight of course…

Take a number on Flickr by Ted Sher

Diver's suit on Flickr by Brixton


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I would have guessed it was more than 11 pounds - way to go Tom!


That's funny about what weight we declare on our license. For the first time in my life, I actually weigh LESS than what I declared on mine. Hooray!

Great job on the weight loss!




Great job, Tom.

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