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Running Foes and Guiltfree Pleasures

Running has been hard lately. Choc_chip_cookies_3

Too much heat, humidity, and hills.

But I keep running.

So I can enjoy a few of life's little pleasures-Dietcoke_3


What is your running foe and the guilt free pleasure you enjoy after you have won the battle?

Consider yourself tagged - share yours and ask a friend. Miller_lite_4

After you answer that question, indulge in a post about a foe that made me laugh this week.  Go to DaBigLeap and read about his run on hills.   And if you are lacking for ideas in "life's guiltfree pleasure" category, read about a must try type of ice cream at Marathon Leap.


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I'm not really a sweet tooth.....so I'll go with pasta, pasta, pasta!!!! My wife is italian and now I can take advantage of her great cooking :)

I can also have chinese food every week!!!!


My personal foe is time. I never seem to have the time necessary to run so I end up running after the kids have gone to bed. My guilt free pleasure is a Carmel cooler iced coffee from Caribou Coffee after my long runs. M M M!!!!


I'm trying not to reward myself with treats, as you'll notice from my current nutrition crusade.. so my reward once every few months is a massage... OH MY WORD, what a wonderful treat. Other weekends my reward is a nap.


My running foe and reward are unfortunately at odds with each other. My running foe is my weight, which, although slowly coming off, is a major roadblock to running longer and faster. My reward, but only for a long run, is a frosty, cold, alcoholic beverage from my friends at Guinness (et al.) and perhaps a slice of my favorite pizza... See what I mean...? I don't reward myself much... *sigh*


Thanks for the comments! My biggest foes are definitely humidity and heat. As for rewards, I'm not a big fan of sweets, so being able to eat a lot of pizza without having to worry about gaining weight is a big one for me.


My biggest foes are time and heat. I'm doing so much these days (moving across country, taking on new work assignments, finding a place to live in CA) that my runs happen anywhere from 6 am to 11 pm.

As a result, my running rewards are legion: I eat pretty much whatever (almost) I want. Ice cream. Pizza. Pasta. Lots of rice. Steak.


Lately it's been berry(blackberry, cherrie, raspberry, strawberry/rhubarb) pies with ice cream. Berry picking is at it's height.

Do you ever reward yourself with more if you run more...that's the case with me, can't break the habbit.


Ooh! I just loved thin crust cheese pizza washed down with a couple of light beers after a tough workout.


Foe - definitely the time factor. DH's work schedule it too crazy so that leaves me with the 4:30am wakeup calls. Yuck!

Pleasures -Eating whatever I want and not really gaining anything.


Thank you for visiting today!!! would you believe I treat myself to a happy meal!! but it have to be after a very long run or a big race most likely a marathon!!! life little pleasures!!


Running foe is wind--it's good for nothing. Even when it's at your back--which it seldom is--it doesn't give you the push equal to the resistance you get when you run into it. Guiltless pleasure would be onion rings and pizza washed down with full beer--no lite stuff.

Lisa F

I'm not sure which is more of a foe right now, the humidity or the lazy side of me. They work together and scheme to derail my training...

I read somewhere that caffeine aids the recovery process, and since I'm a java head, I'll treat myself to a good cup of coffee. (Iced if it's a hot day!)

Good question!


Let's see, the foes - my weight, the heat, the humidity, the hills, the higher miles and my poor feet that are just getting used to it, the ibuprofen that kills my stomach (finally got some Celebrex)...

The pleasure?? Rock Bottom -- great brews and excellent better-than-bar food. Is it bad that they yell, "Nancy" like Norm from Cheers and my number of visits has been known to astonish people :)??


What a great list of foes and pleasures! I forgot about time - how, I don't know - but that is a big one. And the pleasures...so many more I could list - I hope each of us can celebrate with one or two indulgences for winning the battle this weekend!

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