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Natural Law: Smart Person, Stupid Runner

Rewind to Sunday morning.   Woke up with a bike/run on my to do list and knew I shouldn't do it.   I have trouble with my hip joint going a little out of whack - had this issue for years and know what causes it, how to fix it and what to do and not do when it happens. 

Big on the "not do" list is run.  Because if I run when it hurts - I change my stride.  Idiot_sign Changing my stride causes pain in my knee.  Pain in my knee causes a bigger change in my stride and then forces the hip that isn't quite right to firmly lock into this new uncomfortable place and can only be adjusted by my friendly chiropractor.  But, all that running wisdom aside, my stubborn streak won out over my brains and I went for the bike and run. 

Mistake #1:  I looked like a puppet on a string in the bike ride.  I would try to lean over on my aero bars and pretty soon would pop back up - my back was screaming at me that I was being ridiculous.   

Mistake #2:  Should have cut it short and headed home.   Nope, did all 18 miles. 

Mistake #3:  Back at the trail head, it took me three minutes to get the courage to swing my leg over the bike so I could dismount and run.  Pretty big clue to call it a day - por nada - leaned the bike over and fell off and I went on the run.   

Mistake #4:  A half mile into the run, my brain is chanting, "turn back, turn back, you are goin' pay for this one."  Didn't listen, tuned out all rational thoughts and finished the three miles.

There were so many places that I could make a good choice.  I didn't.

Fast forward to Monday morning.   AAAGGGHH!   Pain, pain and more pain.  By the time I arrived at my chiropractors, my right leg was 2 inches shorter than my left.   Good guy I_am_stupid that he is, Doc patiently started putting me back together so I can do my TRI this weekend.

Super stupid move by me.  Stupendious outrageous illogical decision!  This one is on my long list of stupid running decisions like eating barbeque before a marathon, running with stress fractures, and pulling an all-nighter with a sick baby and still racing.  I am allowed to operate a vehicle and raise kids but yet I can't make logical decisions about when to run and when not too.   As runners we can be a stubborn, pig headed group.  We are smart people but sometimes get a little cuckcoo in the head when it comes to our running.   

Natural Law:  Our passion for running can result in stupid decisions from smart people.

It is a sickness we have.  Running makes us loco in our coconut. We become so excited, so focused, so energized by the act of running that rational decisions become a not-so-important element of the moment.   

The only comfort of my stupidity - outside of many adjustments, ice, and ibuprofen - is knowing that I come upon this affliction of irrational thought naturally - it is a runner thing.    Some of the posts showing this law have included IM Able in her list of how not to do a long run, da Big Leap's recipe for Jelly Legs, and Ian starring as Dr. Stupid.  There is comfort in sharing!

A solution to our problem?  Next time you need to make a decision about if you should be doing this run, this distance, this pace, in this weather....ask yourself what advice you would give to your best running friend.   And then LISTEN to it.  No "ya' but..", "but maybe just a little..."  And then do the right thing.

PS....Thank God for Chiropractors!

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