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Natural Law: Change

Over the last few weeks, I have had some superspectacular surprises.  First the planets aligned and gave me a sub 10 minute/mile pace on a 4 mile run.  Wow!   Then about a week later, I went out on an unplanned 5 mile run and boogied my bootie to the line in 48 minutes. And finally earlier this week, I zipped through a 5K in less than 30 minutes after a bike ride.  (If you have just tuned in -- these are unbelievably fast times for me, the world's slowest runner.)

The first time was a freaky ananomly - even NASA agreed it had to be full moon aftershock.   The second one made me raise my eyebrow and think, could we have a start of something?  And then on the third one, I think I can finally agree I see a trend line forming.   I hold my breath as I type this, but I think my running is improving.    But how can that be?

Change_priorities_2 Since my promise in April to give up/scale back my regular events, I haven't run regularly, been training at all, eating perfectly, losing weight or inches, or doing any events.  Everything is different from a year ago.  Oohhh, hold the phone.  I get it. 

It can be!  It's not about what I haven't been doing.   It's about what I changed and am doingI was looking at the list in the wrong way.   The transition from a "runner who ran to train for something" to a "runner who runs just to run" threw me for a loop - it Change_signwas tough change.    But now it is clearer, my running progress isn't due to an addition or lack of training.   It is a result of the change in how I approach running. 

Natural Law:  You gotta' change your running to change your results.

Change_your_thoughtsOver the past few years, I have run the same events, using the same type of plans, using the same types of courses and trails.   It is a bit of insanity to think that doing the same thing would give me different results.  It makes perfect sense to me now.   After 10 years of sameness, a few months of completely "different" would give me something I hadn't anticipated - some improvement!   

It's a wonderful side effect to a great experiment.   And a great reminder of a natural law of running and life.   

Change is good!

And to our fellow runners out there going through some of their own change - good luck!  Especially....deetsshei's move to London,  Sandy as she watches her child head to college, David moving for his job, and Ian's prep for new baby.

Photo of change priorities sign by Redvers

Photo of change sign by dM.nyc

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Congratulations on your MAJOR improvements on your times! Trust me, as a runner who's been striving to move my feet faster, I know that this is no small victory. Your 5 mile time was great! Now, you can't say that you're the world's slowest runner. :)

As always, great post!


Amy, I love your Natural Law posts.


Wow! That's fabulous. Congratulations. I can't imagine running just to run yet and even though I have 2 5K's coming up next month, I guess I can't really say I'm training either. It's probably more of letting my body dictate what I do each day.


PS, you can't possibly be the worlds slowest runner because I am.


Great job on the good times, but with all due respect to both you and August, I have the title of the world's slowest runner.


Now, now...there is enough slowness for everyone. But to share the title, I will officially update my title to "world's slowest runner who may be improving". Feel free to create your own fun titles too!


Great post and congrats on your speed!!! As I am sure you know fast is a relative term. :o)So is slow for that matter.

Grasshopper:How do I run faster times?
Master: Run Faster!


That is awesome! Sometimes all we need is change; how can something so simple be overlooked so often?

Very inspiring!


That's awesome! I think I'm transitioning in some ways that's improving my own speed. It's a great feeling to know that a little tweak revs things up!


Well that is the definition of insanity, do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Good perspective. Great improvements. Congrats. I'm so jealous. Right now, it's all I can do to get the miles in but... the base will be built and the speed (relative term for a turtle) will come. :)

pat monahan

Those are great times. Congratulations. It can be tough to get off a plateau and reach new heights. But, you did it. Enjoy it! I'm sure you won't be there for long and you'll be even better.

gotta run, Pat


Great great job!!! ;D ;D I doubt this will be the end of yur improvements either ;-)

Database Diva

Amy, your post gave me the chills! My running got so much better when I stopped training for races, and started running just to run. I got faster, I got stronger, I got thinner, I got happier, and I was able to run further. Then, in a moment of incredibly poor judgment, I got caught up in the idea of following a friend's training plan, and was injured within a couple of weeks! Now I'm starting over, running when I can, because I can. No more schedules! I'm so happy that you are seeing so much improvement, not because faster is better, but because you are enjoying it so much. Good for you.

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This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.

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