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Preparing for Our Next Races

We’ve met all sorts of wonderful runners and are amazed at the large number of races some bloggers have listed on their sites.  Some have more races scheduled than Lindsay, Paris, and Nicole have arrests

Airhorn Between Amy and me, we’ll be running about four races combined yet this year, which is a fraction of what many runners achieve solo in the summer and fall.  Amy has the Cy-Man Triathlon coming up in five weeks, and I’m still on course for the Chicago Marathon, and then we’ll both be doing the nation’s largest off-road race, Living History Farms Race.

Sometime after registering for a race and then telling family and friends, the initial excitement can fade, and I get mired in the challenge of training for it.  My training is going just fine, but it’s sort of that critical time when I need to stay focused.

I don't think I'm alone.  I sense that even the most dedicated of ordinary runners need a focal point to carry them to the finish line—unless that is you’re one of those aiming for prize money, in which case you're probably not reading this post.  My short list from 26 Highlights of Running the Chicago Marathon has a few reminders for me of what’s ahead.

A few other experiences I look forward to about my marathon:

  • Firstmarathonscover_2 For once mastering the pre-race moments when I shout back at my mind telling me how much more fit and ready everyone else is compared to me
  • Achieving a breakthrough once the race is underway.  For me it’s  reaching the point in the race when I’m not slowing down at the discomfort like I feared or where I have actually bonked in the past
  • Executing my marathon race plan along with 45,000 other runners also trying to do the same--can I ever start slow enough?
  • Crowds—there’s nothing quite so amazing about drawing my energy from a crowd, whether it’s millions at Chicago and New York City, or the familiar supporters from my hometown or charity race teams

So regardless of how many or which race distance you're preparing for,  just remember, somewhere there’s a starters’ pistol or air horn in a race director’s drawer waiting to start our events.

Have fun getting ready for yours...

Air horn on Flickr by 10 Ninja's Steve

First Marathons cover on Marathon Guide


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Looks like you're doing great with your training - keep it up! I mostly run alone; so, I know all too well how challenging it can be to complete what your plan calls for. Just remember the satisfaction you'll feel when you complete Chicago. I have a little mantra that helps me; maybe it will help you, too: Eat, sleep, drink, RUN!

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