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Weird Running Experiences

I was talking with my brother and the subject of weird running experiences came up.  He mentioned a few, and it made me recall the strange stuff I’ve seen over my years of running. 

First of all, I run in a pretty ordinary neighborhood where the scene is typical stuff—kids playing, garage sales, folks mowing their lawns, etc.  But I also have a short list of strange stuff I've come across when running.

Out of the Ordinary

  • Bizarre_monkey_2 A pair of lion statues in front of the house dressed frequently in different hats, clothes, and accessories
  • Several arrests taking place complete with TV crews on hand and the apprehended faced down in the grass
  • The soldier I’ve nicknamed “Sarge” who runs each morning in full camouflage uniform, year round, in his combat boots
  • Homeowners stepping outside the door to get the morning paper pretty much naked

Without an Explanation

  • Bucket_of_chicken A perfectly beautiful bouquet of flowers on the ground perhaps tossed after a proposal abandoned at the last minute…or declined
  • A full bucket o’ chicken—plus side dishes—sitting in a lawn chair waiting to be taken to a picnic
  • The complete setup for a rock band—guitars, keyboard, drums, speakers—in the front yard with no musicians to play them at 5:30 a.m.

Slightly More Bizarre

  • Beatles A plane parked on a lawn of a home
  • The remains of a Vegas night party in the driveway complete with a roulette wheel and cut-out of Elvis
  • A large banner draped across the front of a garage reading, “Welcome Home, John, Paul, George, and Ringo!”  I’m thinking it was a retro party. Must have been A Hard Days Night, so I Just Let It Be.
  • A swing set on top of a garage


  • A drowning recovery scene along a river trail
  • Domestic fights complete with threats, cursing, and slamming doors
  • A dad telling his kids, “Wait here until I come out,” outside an adult book store (when I run downtown, not in my neighborhood)

The Most Absurd

  • A life-like bust of a man’s head resting on the sidewalk, sculpted out of an unknown gooey, material—until I saw the empty cans of Crisco tossed in the grass.  The next day it had melted into a greasy small mound.

Neuman You’d think I either live in the Twilight Zone or in The Far Side.  Trust me, most of my running experiences are very ordinary.

Please tell me others have some equally or weirder running stories!!!

Bizarre Monkey on Flickr by Nekominn
KFC on Flickr by Jvas90
Beatles album on Flickr by Shoelaces & Stereo
Neuman on Flickr by Thomas Hawk


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Did you grab a chicken leg for a mid-run snack when passing that bucket?

I have actually been thinking a lot about where I run and what I see - as this has a huge impact on my enjoyment of running. Since I am so new to this, I haven't seen much out of the ordinary. But now I have something else to look forward to: strange sightings!


At 5:30 am, I saw I guy rolling up his sleeping bag on the bike/ running trail. Was he sleeping on the trail? Not sure, but it was a bit odd.

About a month ago I saw a rabbit chasing a squirrel. Must have stolen his carrot, I guess.


This was a great post, up to the Beatle puns. At that point I had to let out a groan, only appropriate.

But it was still hilarious. And suddenly my weird experiences seem only ordinary in comparison...

Art Dinkin

I agree with Maggie. Good post, groaner Beatles puns (but I would have used them myself if I was smart enough to think of them!).

Now I have something new to think about when I run. Be on the lookout for the strange and unusual.


Can't say as I've seen the strange sites that you have, but I'm now very ready to keep my eyes peeled...maybe I'm missing things!! Ususally I think I'm the weird thing that others see while I"m running.


I once saw a guy who had been pulled over getting a field sobriety test... on my morning run!


I spotted a sheriff driving slowly ahead of me. I usually give police officers a little wave. However this sheriff was waving at me to stop. So I went over to his truck and he showed me a picture of an older confused woman that was missing. He asked if I had seen her. I said no, but would keep an eye out for her. He gave me his business card – so I could give him a call when I found her.
I was "on assignment" for the rest of my run – never did find her. Later that week, in the news, they said they found her somewhere in California – alive and well!
Loved your bucket o’ chicken find!
O,the treasures we find along our way...


Art, the puns just seemed to flow for this post.

Kara, glad you're willing to take an assignment on the run.

Folks, I've been running so long, it's just a matter of time before the weirdisms are abundant...


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