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Take Your Runner To Work Day…

I work in Human Resources and for years recruited new employees to work for our company.  When reviewing resumes, my eye would scan for key work experiences, skills, and any other details that might tell me about the candidate.  When I saw “running” as an area of interest, it caught my attention, but I had to resist the bias of giving any undeserved consideration to applicants who run.  But my experience has proven that runners bring some highly useful capabilities to our work days.

Running_officeRunning makes us better workers no matter what we do—teachers, sales people, technicians, stay-at-home parents, ministers, customer service providers, laborers, and executives.  I think our employers get a better return from us as runners.

Because we run, I think we show up better at what we do to make a living.  We bring our healthy outlook to our work; we’re disciplined and energetic; we bring goal-mindedness to our projects; we bring our sense of planning, progress, and achievement to our work.  I think we're better time managers and relationship managers because of running--especially running bloggers.

When I interact at work with other runners, I believe the stage is set for better results  because runners think profoundly, care, plan (like daily), make great decisions, ex-plore new possibilities, gather input, solve problems, and lead others. Give me a project team full of runners and I believe we can out perform a comparable business team of non-runners anytime.  All the time.

Office_bibs_3A true story.  I recently had the chance to hand pick a business project team, so I chose all runners.  Their backgrounds are Customer Service Manager, Business Analyst, Mutual Funds Compliance, Accounting, Statistical Consultant, a Training Consultant, and an private business owner.  Each one of them runners!  Yessssss! This group thinks like a team, champions the project, and their ideas and output have been nothing short of amazing!

Every day we bring our running selves to our work.  We don't wear our race medals.  Most of us don't even discuss our running with others, but fortunately we bring our best to our lives and work outside of running.

I can't say I run a faster 10k because of my profession, but I'd say I'm a better employee to my employer because of my running.  Our work, co-workers, and employers are better because we keep bringing the best of ourselves--AS RUNNERS-to work each day!

Runner's office on Flickr by Chicken Puppet

Runner's office bibs on Flickr by Moojie Turtle


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Thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding my Leadville Marathon race report.

With respect to your latest post, I work at a place where we are relocating later this year and the executives gave everyone the ability to pick their seating arrangements at the new office space by seniority. Where did I seat myself? You got it, next to all the other runners in my department. Why? For reasons you mention in your posting. Dead on!!!

On a side note, I just posted a posting regarding cube shrines, which I notice a girl in your posting who has started one. I had to chuckle to myself of the coincedence ;-). You can read the posting by clicking the link below.



You've convinced me to add running as something to my resume. I've sort of been looking for a job, but gotten very few responses to my resume ... maybe it's time for a change to my resume!

Kate Klein


I completely agree. I included on my resume that I run marathons. I think employers view runners as self-disciplined and self-motivated. If anything, it makes for a great discussion topic during an interview!


Brian, great selection to sit with your running co-workers.

David, work it in to the resume if you can, and like Kate recommends, be sure to weave running into the interview.

I think running is different than many other sports and past times. Not sure what golf, bowling, billiards, and darts do for conversation, except polite chit chat. But I think behind every runner are interesting stories that engage even non-runners.

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