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Running and Badonkadonk Butt

A couple weeks ago I committed on this blog my intent to lose weight between now and October 7th for the Chicago Marathon.  My progress has been slow, set back by the indulgences of a few family celebrations and a vacation to San Francisco

But I’m back on the wagon again and seeing some progress.  Along the way, I’ve received the wisdom and support of a few bloggers and runners.  A few lessons have also just shown up at my doorstep—okay I got hit over the head with them—even though they are at the heart of conventional weight management.

Subway_couple Food Is Fuel.  A review of my food intake confirmed I’ve been over eating and underfueling.  Believe me, I haven’t lost sight of how much good food tastes.  But I’ve also re-awakened to how many foods provide empty calories, minimal nutrition, and worse, they’re composed of bad or excess stuff that I really don’t want in my body.  Example, drinking that tall glass of OJ in the name of getting vitamin C contains about 15% of my calorie intake and a whopping 14 teaspoons of sugar! (4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon).

The Best Foods Fuel Our Bodies For Greater Energy And Capabilty.  Food contains either carbohydrate, protein, or fat, and it’s amazing how poor I’ve felt when I consumed the wrong stuff.   It’s even more amazing how good I feel and how much energy I get when I’m taking in more fresh fruits and vegetables.  The commercial depicting the couple casually ordering “love handles, double chin, blubber, thunder thighs, and badonkadonk butt,” has my attention.  I’m seeking foods with the abundance of fuel, maximum nutrition, and the lowest plumping effect.

When I’m Eating Right, Life Seems Better.  From the very beginning of moving toward my desired weight, I start to feel more focused, balanced, and disciplined.  I feel more energy, stronger and even a bit more sculpted and lighter on my feet.  Most of all I build an accumulated sense of “I can do this!” which carries me through the rest of the day and week.

These days I feel like I’m consuming better stuff and my runs are better too, enabling me to run further, faster, and enjoy the running more.  So Jackson Brown’s Running Empty seems to have been my past experience.  My new habit is taking in foods that support my running, working, and living.

The result of better eating: the body wins every time.

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