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"I am a runner" ...

I love to go visiting.  Not just with my family and friends around town, but also all the runners I_am_a_runner_2out there in the running blogosphere.  I just love our BIG small town of runners/bloggers.

One of my favorite topics of conversation is when people finally admit they are a runner.  You know my bias on this topic.   If you run, you are a runner.   It is about the physical movement, but even more it is about the spirit.

As I was stopping by a few houses and visiting, I ran across a post from Hilliary that started with a simple statement, "I am a runner".   If you want to feel the spirit of a real runner - read her story as she runs and fights Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer.

And then down the road a bit, a post from Tiffani caught my eye because of her first line which also started with a powerful, "I am a runner."  I hung around her porch for a while to hear her talk about how she starts, what she enjoys and her pride in finishing a race.

And then there was a cross-the-fence conversation with Rob, as he chatted about "fighting the desire to quit".  He runs because he can.

Ahh, the spirit of runners.   It just keeps me moving.   

Photo of boy running by Hamed Saber


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I love saying I'm a runner! It feels powerful and very encouraging to know I am making that choice, it's not something I just naturally am.


Thanks for the note. I know I have said so before but I like your site.


I was interviewed yesterday for my running group's newsletter and was asked when did I first think of myself as a runner. I told her after my second marathon, I thought I might be a runner. After my 4th Ultramarathon, I thought I just might be a marathoner. After crossing Iowa in 11 days, I thought, ok, now I am a runner...maybe.
The definition is simple, if you run you are a runner, but it's not always that easy to apply the definition to myself.

It's amazing how far I can run considering the baggage I carry with me!


I've always described myself as a runner even when I hadn't run in awhile. I think that running is a mindset. It's putting yourself through something that might not be so pleasant so you can experience a satisfying goal of some sort. I love that feeling!

Amy, thanks for visiting my blog and offering your support!


You all are runners! Thanks for "visiting" me and sharing.


Thanks for visiting my site. I still have trouble saying I'm a runner, even after my seven mile race on Saturday. I know my friends, family, and co-workers think of me as a runner so I don't know why I have trouble admitting it. I've gotten a lot of my friends to join races with me so I'm excited I'm inspiring more runners :)


Amy and Tom - I'm so glad I found you two. I am from DSM and new to this whole scene. I have been running off and on but finally committed (using that book from the UNI class - NON-Runner's Marathon Trainer). So I called myself non-runner Nancy, but really only because I am using the book. I am new to the blogging and loving the creativity of it and also the support. I am so excited to be running regularly and seeing the miles rack up. I sometimes can't even believe it. I am still Turtle slow, but, hey, out there and finishing.

Hope we can connect. Come visit www.nancy262.com


True! What matters is that we "enjoy" running. There'll always be someone faster than us unless we're Tergat.

I quickly glanced through the last 2-3 posts on your blog. You seem to have a very interesting blog. I bet I'll be coming back here and spending more time reading it when I get a chance :)



Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I ALWAYS say I am a runner, even though I haven't been doing it very long and I am not as fast as others. But I have improved a lot since I started, and that keeps me going. And I've completed four races this year, with a fifth one set for this weekend. Racing is like the icing on my running cake.

Go runners!!!!!! :-)


Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) Last year was my first to race, and I really enjoyed it. My next one will be at the end of September. Fast or slow, I'm a runner. :-)


When I decided to change my URL because of my upcoming move, I questioned what I could come up with that sums up why I run. Quite simply, it's because I can. And for that reason and after reading this post, I'm more confident in saying I am a runner.

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