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A Prayer to the Running Shoe Gods

Somewhere in the shift away from my normal routine, I missed a critical milestone in my Running_shoes regular running routine - the timely purchase of new running shoes.   This happy little event should have happened in April/May - but didn't  - and boy could I feel the extra miles on my shoes (and in my knees, shins, feet, hips, back...).    

I love and hate buying new shoesI love the store - Fitness Sports - they do a fabulous job finding just the right pair.   I love trying on shoes and taking my time to walk around, bounce and even run in their back hallway.   If you aren't a runner, looking in the window, you would think that the people inside are purchasing something much more complex and earth shattering than shoes.   We make this such a serious decision.  And it is.  But it is also so much fun.  Buying new running shoes is just plain exciting. It makes my heart happy! 

So what do I hate?  Hate is a bit of a strong word - but what I dread is that my favorite "model" has changed or no longer exists.   And that a normally fun event becomes a giant roulette wheel of "boy, feels good now, but will it not rub, not cause blisters, hold up under my weight, withstand the weather, etc, etc, .... after I run xxx miles in them."  My longest streak with the same make and model is about 2 years.   My last shoe was a gamble with fate because I had no choice - my old model was officially a footnote in a catalog somewhere.   But it paid off!  My adiStar's were my most favorite, super speedy, sharp looking running shoes ever.   

With no one to watch my 3 year old, my visit was thrown a curve ball by needing to bring along my little helper.   My little girl never sleeps, but of course, feel asleep on the drive to the store and remained completely zonked as I walked into the store, found a chair and waited for help.  No way!  I have a 32 pound, dead weight, 3 year old in my arms- how can I walk, bounce, grimace just so, run up and down the hall and make such a weighty decision carrying a tired little girl?  I found out the answer - very carefully.   There wasn't another ounce of free time on my calendar for two weeks - I was doing this thing!

Of course the adiStar model had evolved and being my unlucky day - they didn't have my size in the new version.  So, I tried on a few pairs that were similar but different.   Did my best to guess on the perfect match and brought home a pair.  What you ask?  Not a clue.  They are ugly gray and aqua but seem to mostly feel like my adiStars. 

I took for them a 4 hour walk around the Kansas City Zoo with my kids and found they did ok.  Time to put them to work this week and see if they can withstand the pressure (literally!).  I ain't no dainty petite flower of a runner.

So, running shoe gods - be on my side this time.  Find pity on me - I am out of synch with my buying schedule, my helper didn't provide much help and my favorite model is no longer.  Surely with that sad series of events you can make sure that my pick remains comfy, doesn't rub, blister or have stitched seems that grow into rocks.   And, if you can help me run a little faster, I will be forever grateful.  What....you can't blame a girl for asking.

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Art Dinkin

Oh Amy how I can relate. First, are there other stores that sell running shoes other than Fitness Sports?!? They put me into Saucony's about two years ago and I am afraid to try anything else. I'm on my third model (Grid Omni 4's, 5's, and now 6's) and it fit and feel only seems to get better.

Good luck with your new shoes.


P.S. I must have a bad email address for you. Mind getting an up to date one to me at adinkin@centralfinancial.com?

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