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Today's run brought to you by...

ABBA!   Quite a wonderful surprise this morning when I hopped on the trail and turned on myAbba_license_plate tunes this morning.  I was at the spot on my playlist where it was all ABBA!  A few months back, the musical Mama Mia had rolled through Des Moines and I had a chance to catch with with my sisters, aunt and mom.  It was alot of fun!   The next morning, a whole bunch of ABBA songs went on my player, I listened to them a few times and forgot they were in the rotation.

To my pleasant surprise this morning - there they were!  I live and run in the country and one of the great advantages is I can usually sing at the top of my lungs and and be a Dancing Queen as the need strikes me.   ABBA always gets me singing.   

Good news is that it keeps the deer away!  Bad news is that I almost caused my neighbor to have a heart attack.  The back of her property backs up to my trail.  She was working in her garden when I came running down the trail - like The Winner Takes it All - singing "Take a Chance on Me" - I about scared her out of her mind.  I can only imagine the sight of a oversized runner, singing and sweating, with a furry loping dog coming down the trail at early oclock. (Mama Mia!)

Knowing Me, Knowing You it probably won't be the last time I am caught singing loudly and out of tune while running!   The Name of the Game for me is just running without a cause, and lordy is it fun to listen to music and just run for fun.

Thank you for the Music ABBA!

Now back to your regular running ...  (Happy Friday!)

Warning for my neighbors is my next playlist is all the early 90's hip hop - can you say Hammertime?!

License plate photo on Flickr by cityflickr


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With all due respect to ABBA I was so relieved when I got to the end of your post to see it was from you and not Tom.

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