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Time for Dessert

With my renewed determination NOT to train for my favorite events, I have a little empty  hole where my detailed training plans used to be.   I am a planner, a list maker, and a dreamer and my annual traditions of building a training plan via amazing gymnatic routines around my family's schedule was part of the fun of training for the event.

I have embarked on a new year, new challenge - continue to find time, but just174306405_fc239a54cc_m a little bit of time.  In fact, if my regular training was more like a full meal, my training this year needs to be more like dessert - not too much - but just enough to fill in the cracks around work, teaching and business (and yes, family.)

Thinking about it as dessert instead of "giving it up" has really helped shift my mind to a happier place.   I have decided 20-30 minutes 4-6 days of week should be doable and should be just enough to keep me from losing all sanity - although a little may leak out.   I am not sure why or how an hour or so on the roads keeps my brain from misfiring - I swear running puts all the frazzled ends of thought back into neat bundles of pure wisdom.   But, heck, I am willing to give it a try and expect the unexpected.  I love experiments!

Outside of not going crazy, my other concern is curbing my cookie addiction until I can get back to the full meal deal training plan.   This may be the "dessert training plan", but it certainly won't allow for much dessert.   By my calculation - 20 minutes a day, four days of week will equal only 4 cookies - and that is stretching it.   Looks like my real meals need to be creatively low in calories and cookies.  Nuts!

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I like the way you think! In fact, since I had to take 11 weeks off of any activity but walking, and I JUST started running again, i've had a similar shift in mind set, and it feels good!

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