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Recipe of the week: Chasing the Sun

I have been sifting through my old notes, magazines, and running logs trying to recall all of my "runs just for fun".   The "Buddy and Me" run is working well - but need a little variety in my dessert training plan.  A comment by Dan this week (as I complained about the heat) jogged a great idea and memory of one of more favorite runs - Chasing the Sun.   

For my birthday in March of this year, I gave myself a great present.  I got bundled up ('cause it was still darn cold in Iowa in March), put my camera in my pocket and headed out to my favorite trail.  I decided to run the trail, but also capture the sunset on film.  I had watched the timing of the sunset a few days before and scouted out a few key landmarks that I knew I wanted to be at certain points of the sunset.

Call it a fartlek (but I can never say it or type it with a straight face) - but this multipace/dimensional run made for a good workout and great pictures.  At times I would sprint, at times I would walk, and sometimes I just stood patiently.   And through the run, I took many pictures of the sun, the trail and the landscapeDscn0393.Dscn0368

At the end, I had pictures of one of the most glorious sunsets ever.

Now that it is summer and it's just darn hot - it's a good time to drag out this recipe and give it a whirl.

Thanks for the idea Dan - I will let you know how it turns out.


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