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It's soooo easy when you know the answers

Ok, little problem.   I did something really dumb!

I have been trying out teaching for Simpson college this summer.  A 5 week course on organizational behavior.   It is something I have wanted to do since I started my undergrad degree a few hundred years ago.   I was lucky enough to have a chance to try it and am in the final days of the course.

In the five weeks, the students have 3 tests.  I have just finished writing the third test (with the answers - thank you test guide manual) and set about the task of making the test the student copy without the answers.  I had deleted the answers/explanations, unbolded the bolded answers and hit SAVE.   Uugghhh!  Not SAVE AS, but SAVE.   All the answers were gone!   Staring back at me was 100 questions, without answers.

For the last hour, I have been taking this darn test, filling in the answers.   Can I tell yDscn1146ou, between you and me, it's a whole lot easier when you know the answers!   

And isn't that so true with running.  Once you get one experience under your belt or have an "aha" moment with your running, it is so much easier.   I had an "aha" moment with my running this week.

I have never been a fan of hill training.  It would go on the "what's it good for list" with heat, humidity and wind.  But after about 2 weeks of running my very hilly trail around my house  (here is a picture of one of the 6 long steep hills - it looks tame in a photo), I revisited one of my favorite flat trails and took about 2 minutes off of my time.  It felt so darn easy!   It was only on the ride home that I put 2+2 together and realized that hill training does equal stronger, faster times.  (Yeah, there are pages of runners under "hill training" who also see the value of hills like Alec and Madman.)  See, it is so easy when you know the answers.  I just wish the questions didn't involve hills, heat, humidity or wind.

For other learning experiences in the last week...Check out Little Miss Runner Pants account of her triathlon or Angie at onepinkfuzzy and ice baths.   Runners are finding the answers every day!


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Yes, hills=reallynecessary? As does speedwork.

unfortunately, as you learned, and as I know but have yet to actually force myself to incorporate it into my training, it is necessary, and does help.

Darn it for i-told-you-so's.

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