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I am who I am

Wisdom_path In honor of my 12 years of running, it seems fitting to jot down the lessons I have learned.  If anything, it will be a good reminder for me a few months from now when I have already forgotten what I learned. 

It has taken more years than I would like to admit for common sense to penetrate my head, but I am a better person for what I am about to admit.  Wisdom has grown out of my experience. I have come to peace with the runner that I am and the runner I will never be.    I accept the truths of my running “career”.  Call them life lessons or “well, duh” moments – either way – these are my running truths:

  1. My feet are two different sizes and no amount of ignoring it will make my same size shoes fit perfectly on both feet.  The right socks are important - they are not luxuries.  There are different "right" socks for different seasons and runs.   I need to stop being such a "cheap" runner.
  2. My intentions at the time I sit down to make my training plan are always twice as large as my ability to ever do the things I write down on paper.    I am a “crammer” and “cramming” doesn’t apply in running.  Worked for college and sometimes for work – but doesn’t work when I train for races. 
  3. Everyone said the first mile is always the hardest.   They lie.  Some days – just accept all the miles are hard.
  4. When I head out on a run, and it feels easy (almost too easy) - 999 out of a 1000 times - it is because some mystery wind at my back.   The run isn't easy because I woke up that day with a newfound ability to run fast.
  5. I will never be fast.  If I catch myself running something faster than a 8 minute mile for any distance either I or someone I love must be in desperate danger or the planets have momentarily aligned and given me unearthly powers.
  6. I am not a good-looking runner.  I am a “red facer”.  After 10 minutes and especially in the summer – I look like I may fall over from heat exhaustion at any minute – even if it is 20 degrees outside.   And my form? I make running look silly on most days.
  7. If I skip running for more than 3 days - I should begin to apologize to those around me at the beginning of day 3 - because I become really hard to live or work with.
  8. No matter my speed, my training plan, or conditions - I simply love to run and happy to get out there and shuffle along.

I have learned some good lessons from other runners too.  I have learned that "results vary"  from Simon Says...Run To "throw everything at it" from A Blog about Nothing.  "Patience!"(I will never learn this one) from  Bryan-Baker Dot Com.

Wisdom Path photo on Flickr by coolcats


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I am Number 7! If I'm in a bad mood, people will start to ask me if I've done my run for the day. If I haven't, they'll ask me to please go run.


"I am who I am" is what I have in my profile. I am who I am can be followed with, I am Not who I am Not. That statement gives me even more freedom in life to allow myself NOT to be who I think I "SHOULD" or "suppose to" be.

I am who I am and I am NOT who I am NOT!


Just thinking about you - 'cause it is hot and I need to run. Seriously, everytime I waffle about getting out there I think, "This guy is going to run across Iowa, you can at least get off your butt and run a few miles".
I just looked at your profile and see your your tag line. Good to know that my wisdom is on the right track.

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