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Headline: Local runner run over by a deer

Or maybe - Headline:  Police rule runners body a complete wreck - deer does extensive damage.  (ok, that might be stretching it a little...)

If there was a newspaper who cared about such things, my run would be front page headlines.   Normal morning, normal run, typical trail.   And on such runs, I have seen deer - in fact - lots of deer.  Dscn1042 But, never have I been almost run over by a deer.   

You would think the pounding of my feet or my dog would signal our path of travel - but no luck.  The deer were looking one way (I guess just taking in the sights and I swear I saw one of them listening to an iPod) and I was listening to tunes (looking a different way) and we both turned the bend and BAM! 

I screamed, they were startled.  My dog had a look of disbelief on his face.  I fell down backwards and they side stepped over me and lept off.  I am a little scratched up (due to the ground and not the deer) - and it has been hard to explain to my family how I fell down and scraped my knee and backside.  A deer collision.  Yes, it is true.   Yes, I had the right of way.  At least that's the story I am sticking with today.   I wonder what story they are telling in the deer-o-sphere....

This is a snapshot of the fated intersection.   I have lobbied local law enforcement for lights (ok, he happens to be my husband).


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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I remember deer being quite an issue up in Northern Iowa when I lived there! Maybe you'll have to get some deer whistles that we use to put on the car and stick them on your shoes :)

Art Dinkin

What a hilarious post! I hope you (and the deer) are both okay. Don't let the the DNR know you were "running without a license" or a deer tag. The fines would be hefty!

Thanks for making me laugh!



I hadn't thought about the whole license or deer tag thing. Good news that if it ever became sport to chase down a deer and catch it - I would never use up my license!

I loved the thought about the deer whistles - you would think all my heavy breathing would scare them away.

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