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Dessert Run #3: Run with my husband

Quite a unexpected treat this week - I had a chance to catch a run with my husband.   Yes -Dscn0314that's him on the right.  My Hubby - meet everyone.   Everyone - meet my husband.

Once in a blue moon my husband and I have a chance to run together.   It's rare that we are in the same place at the same time. It's even more rare that when we are, we have time to do something so luxurious as drop everything and head out for a run.

We gave up years ago trying to do the run side by side  - so ignore the pictures Dscn1099in your head of long winding runs, hand in hand, with deep conversations about the meaning of life.  Heck, I am pleased as punch when we can go to the same trail at the same time on the same day and warm up together and maybe run together for a few minutes.   It was sweet!  (And it didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous day - look at that blue sky!)

Thanks Jim for hopping off the treadmill for a day and running with me.  It is a good add to my list of "dessert runs".  Make this Dessert Run #3 - Run with my husband.  On second thought, since this anominally won't happen again for 15-18 months, I am going to make this one as "Run with someone you haven't run with in a long time".    And I know a few friends that I am going to bug...

(I am still working on getting a Chasing the Sun run in - my schedule and the weather is really not cooperating with my ideas!)


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