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Calendar Mamba

Wall_calendar I have a family, so I have a family calendar.   Our calendar is posted on the frig door and serves as the scheduling system for work, fun, family and extracurricular activities for anyone who is associated with our household.   Even at this point in June, there is something listed for every single week for the rest of the year.   For June and July, there is already some "to do" for almost every day.

So, there I stand, in front of the frig, doing what I like to call the "calendar mamba" trying to find my teeny, weeny, little 20-30 minutes to fit in a "dessert run".   You know what I am talking about...stand in front of the calendar - shift to the left, shift to the right, shake your right leg (with the 3 year hanging off of it) and lean back to the left (as my 7 year old pulls my arm to show me something in the living room).  Stand up and do it all again.  It is the calendar mamba.  Mamba_2 I do this dance a few times a week and every week of the year to find the bucket of time to run.  Usually - it works - I find my little sliver of time.

Over lunch yesterday, a friend told me of the fun she had running Dam to Dam in Des Moines- (the best 20K in the world!)   She had wanted to do it for years, but always had a conflict with one of her kids activities - no matter how much she "did the mamba" it just wouldn't work out.  She said, in jest, that this year she was "selfish" and went for it and did the run.   I was so happy for her!  Then she finished her thought and told me that she ran a good race, crossed the finish line and then just kept running to her car and drove to the softball field and was esctatic to learn she only missed a 1/2 of an inning. 

Now, that's how you mamba!  (I love moms who show me it can be done!)

Photo of calendar on Flickr by dorathy

Photo of dancers on Flickr by timsamoff


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