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"A Buddy and me" run

Dscn1039 It's just after sun up, 57 degrees, clear blue sky on a Saturday morning - and I have time for a run.  I think if I listen closely I can hear the angels singing.  It is perfect conditions for a run with my running buddy- my dog Buddy. 

Buddy has been part of my family for about a year - joining us from a local shelter.   It was 6 months after the passing of our long time beagle (Clayton) and I found I really needed a family dog back in our lives.   As I walked through the shelter, I took look at this great Golden and knew I had found the perfect fit.  He came complete with a full set of manners and an endless need for affection.   

We have a dirt running trail around our house that Buddy and I share together.   As soon as I touch my running shoes, the excitement starts in his ears and moves to his big wagging tail.  He leads the way.  He chases animals.  He swims in the pond.  He checks out animals that cross his path.  He even plays with the occassional snake that stays to sun on the trail.  He is a great coach.   It is hard to cut it short or turn back when he turns to look at me with a glance that says "just one more lap" or "just a bit more up the hill".  He loves to run! 

And run he does!  My pace rarely pushes him beyond a walk or slow trot - but a crossing deer or animal brings him into speeds meant for the strongest of animals or runners.  He is as close to a horse as my kids will own and reminds me of a thoroughbred when he runs at full speeds on the trails or through the yards. 

My treat for the day is "my buddy and me" run.  Take some time to celebrate those (animals and people) who enjoy running and more importantly, enjoy running with us.


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You never have any problems tripping over him or getting too close that you almost trip over him? I tried running with my pup once, and we kept getting tangled up! Now, we get our exercise at separate times. ;)

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