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45,000+ Running Stories In the Making

Behind every runner are a multitude of stories—how they got started, what keeps them motivated, or what’s of current interest in their world of running.  I’m guessing there are no fewer than 45,000 stories brewing for that same number of runners registered for the 2007 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

Some of my greatest running satisfaction has come while training and running the LBCMChicago_marathon_start marathon, and I’m excited about the prospects for this year.  With 18 weeks to go, I’m sifting through past training plans and deciding what I’ll do differently this year to prepare for my favorite marathon.   There’s no shortage of proven training plans that guide marathoners successfully to the finish, including by Hal Higdon and the FIRST plans.  Never content, I usually tweak these core plans to build my own hybrid training plan.  I’m also am looking forward to meeting some of the other 44,999 runners at Chicago. 

And there’s plenty of room for others preparing for their marathons--New York CityMarine Corps, Twin Cities, Columbus, Milwaukee, St. George, and in my hometown, Des Moines.  Not one to ever spurn a runner, this blogger is interested in hearing from others progressing toward their upcoming race, fitness goal, or running  accomplishments.  But the training is just a fraction of my interest.  The greatest part is exchanging ideas, concerns, questions, setbacks, and advice as our goal days approach. 

I’ve trained for and raced the Chicago Marathon well and not-so-well, but I’m always optimistic, and I get my optimism from others training for their race days, marathons, 5ks, whatever.  I’ll post regularly about training, and I look forward to learning from others about their running progress and experiences.

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