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Around the Lounge: Win Free shoes and Awards for the Most Active Loungers

With the arrival of April we hope you are enjoying better running weather and getting excited for the races on your calendar.

Amy and I want to say thank everyone for your support for Runners’ Lounge.  The community is growing in every way imaginable.  Every day more new runners are joining and more members are “coming home” to the Runners’ Lounge community.  Also, more fun and unique Lounge Groups are forming, and more great resources in the form of races, running-related products, and more clubs are being added.  Most important, friendly, interesting, and encouraging conversations about running are taking place every day.

Recognizing the Most Active Loungers

The Runners’ Lounge community wouldn’t be growing and thriving without each of you.  So we want to recognize some of the most active members, and provide them a token of our appreciation for their community-minded participation.  Let us introduce you to some very special members of Runners’ Lounge

  • Nancy.  She so needs to give up her claim to being a non-runner.  Nancy gets a Spibelt in a spotted pattern to match her cave woman image.
  • Pieces of Me.  P.O.M. is energetic, has a fabulous blog, and started the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge.  She also is awarded a Spibelt—maybe she can select a color to match one of her dazzling dresses she's wearing in Puerto Rico.
  • Ovens to Betsy.  Betsy might be one of the busiest women on the planet, but always checks in on her friends at the Lounge.  Betsy will enjoy a fun running shirt of her choice from the creative folks at One More Mile.
  • Finally, please give it up for Jodie, also known as Diva, as the most active member of Runners’ Lounge.  For her tireless energy and enthusiasm, Jodie wins a membership to the Her Sports Running Club.  The membership includes a free subscription to Her Sport + Fitness magazine, an Avia running singlet, Headsweats cap, Drymax socks, Yakz discounts on GU products. 

We invite you to get to know Nancy, Kent, P.O.M., Betsy, and Jodie, plus the hundreds of other special runners who make Runners’ Lounge a truly special community.

You Can Still Win New Running Shoes

On April 15th, a member of Runners’ Lounge will be awarded a free pair of running shoes. The winner will be selected from among those submitting a story for an Extraordinary Running award.  The shoes are complements of the great people at Onlineshoes.com, and we are excited to partner with them.  Each month a new winner will be selected from those submitting stories.  There are so many great touching human stories behind everyday running, racing, and supporting the running of others.  Please keep your stories coming.

Finally, thank you for your continued support of Runners’ Lounge.  We appreciate it when you pass along the word about the site to your friends and fellow running enthusiasts.

You are always welcome to contact us for any reason to provide your feedback and suggestions to improve Runners’ Lounge.  The Lounge is your space, and we look forward to hearing from you about how to make it even better to connect, share, and discover more with runners and about running.

Keep up your great living and running!

Tom & Amy


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Oh my goodness! Thank you SO MUCH!

Database Diva

Oh my goodness! It is 11:30pm here on the west coast, and I finished work about an hour ago, which is 2 hours earlier than I finished yesterday, which was actually today. Let's just say it's been a tough weekend. I can honestly say that I was anything but tireless, enthusiastic or energetic when I got here, but then I read this post, and almost like magic, it came back. What a lovely surprise. Thank you!


Yaa, for the ladies!! I keep up with two of them and they keep me laughing and inspired!!

I am going to have to be creative on my run this morning to see if I can share my thoughts. New shoes would be so sweet :-)


Oh wow - this is such an honor and so exciting! Thank you so much.



I wonder if the abs come with the belt? Hee hee. Probably not.

Thank you SO much.

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