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With running friends, it is never...

Too SnowyDscn2615

Too Cold

Too Windy

Too Dark

Too Late

Too Much of A Hassle

With running friends, running is always just right!

Thanks Art and Nancy for getting me out there last night in a one heck of a snow storm.  It was the most fun, relaxing run I have had in a long time.   Let's do it again and bring a friend.  Mike?  Kirk?  Kent?  David?

If this winter has left you wondering if you really even want to run, find a running friend and head out on a few miles.  It will adjust your perspective about running.   As a runner, it was a good reminder that I started running for many physical reasons but I keep running because of other runners.

Running with friends keeps the momentum going.


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Man, that was a blast. I have to steal that picture.

I never would have done that if you hadn't rounded us up. LOVED IT. You both kept me going and made it fun.



These are the dog days...spring is just around the corner right? Right? Right!?

Heidi Swift

Well said.
And that picture will be my motivation today. It makes our measly 27 degree frosty morning look pathetic. :)


Brrrr, you are crazy! ;) But I love that last line... keeping up the running because of other runners!

Kent A

Just let me know... Running through with other's while our breaths are condensing in front of us is the height of fun. You guys are cordially invited every Saturday morning to run with me at Drake. :-) Just let me know the next time you schedule a post work workout.


That is amazing you guys ran in that! It does look awfully cold, but the company kept it warm, right?!? Glad it was a great run for ya :-)


I think actually having a snowstorm in Richmond, Va., would get me motivated to go out and just run. This post certainly gets me a little more motivated!

William carter

Congrats on having such a great time. Running with friends is such a blessing... even when it is really cold!!


I couldn't agree with you more.


Thanks for getting me out for my "extra" 10 miler this weekend--it would have been mighty wimpy for me to bail on the run due to a half-inch of snow and temps in the upper 20's, after reading your post! (Methinks we have it pretty easy in winter in central North Carolina)


So true!! You've inspired me to call up my running girls and plan an outside run STAT.

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First come, first served.

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